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DANISH FRIENDS: Marianne & JonasRead Letter 
 30th Year ANNIVERSARY 1981-2011 
Subject: RE: Leeton Bike Show (and 30th Year Anniversary, held 21st May 2011)
Hi Lionel & Phil
Just wanted to thank you again for having us perform for you guys also for your hospitality,
We really enjoyed ourselves and were blown away with the professionalism of everyone involved.
Top marks guys!!!
Any time you want ACCA DACCA you've got us!!
Cheers and thanks again.
Kind Regards
Larry Attard and the boys from ACCA DACCA

Video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2zwxg_rmm0
Web  http://www.accadaccarocks.com.au/
Myspace  www.myspace.com/snakerocks
 MNSW No.1 CLUB in NSW - 2008 
Club of the Year !  
My congratulations to you all for winning the Club of the Year Award.  
I had the pleasure on Saturday night of sitting with some of your members and chatting.
No wonder you won, there was no one in your league, you are truly a family orientated Club with the focus being on the Club.
It was a pleasure to see, it's a trait that sets you apart from so many of our Clubs.   I noticed that your Clubs Website shows "No.1 Club in NSW".
See, just the little things set you apart.  The History is again another example of showing exactly where you came from,
and never forgetting these founders who had an idea and followed through on it.
Well guys, I want to know can you do it two years in a row?  How high will you lift the cross bar this year?
My congratulation to all... 
Anne Lindsay   
Level 4 Steward,
Track Inspector,
Appellate Body Member.
Congratulations, to your Committee, your Members
(and especially the good looking "Canteen Crew" with their tasty delights from the Road Kill Cafe).
Wow - winning the title of Club of the Year with MNSW !  You should all be very proud.
I had no doubt you guys had it all in the bag when your nomination was recorded.  There was no competition!
Although you are only a small club, your Committee's respect of policy and procedures along with a genuine interest in motorcycling sport,
to achieve such an honour is very commendable!
Congratulations and we look forward to many more of your successful events conducted and organised by the Leeton MCC.
Cheers... The Passlow's
Congratulations, to all the Leeton Club Members on achieving the Award at NSW MA on Saturday night
Well done to a well deserving club.
Lisa & the Batlow/Tumut group
Scott & Lisa Bowden - BATLOW NSW
Well Done, to Everyone At Leeton Motorcycle Club.
Its Great To See That Everything Is Going As Strong As Ever.
When Do We Go National?
Im Still Having Me Thirsty Thursday Drinks With Ya’s All.
Ya’s Better Get The Shuffle Going For This One!
Cheers...   Kell
Well done Lionel, Pat, Phil, Rex, all the committee and members at LMCC.
A well deserved accolade.   In my opinion Leeton Motor Cycle Club is not only the premier motorcycle club in NSW / Australia / The World.
It is also an elite sporting club and a leading community service club.  The Leeton Motor Cycle Club's enviable reputation is the legacy of two great blokes.
"Barry Aylett" some how managed to get a group of young tearaways focused long enough to plough thru a mire of red tape,
to affiliate with the then ACU of NSW and in 1981 the Leeton Motor Cycle Club was born.
Sadly we lost Barry to a dodgey ticker many years ago.  But one of those young tearaways picked up the baton.
"Russell Tucker" was the motor that drove the club for next twenty plus years.
And as we know, Russell was no ordinary motor, oh no!  He was a fuel injected supercharged job.  God he used to annoy the p*ss out of me :-)
If I had a dollar for every phone call during those years I could have retired by now.  We were granted use of twenty acres of bathurst-burr infested ground,
next to the council tip with a corrugated tin shed propped up in one corner.
I can still remember leaning on a shovel, taking a blow from chipping burrs while Russell tried to explain in detail what the club house, track, spectator areas 
and the rest of the grand complex was going to look like. Buggered if I could see it...    Well, it's all there now...!
I'll be out on Thirsty Thursday to congratulate you all and maybe we can raise a glass to Barry and Russell.
Cheers,  Brian Williams
Licensee,  YANCO HOTEL
   (The Centre of the Universe)

Proud to be associated with the Leeton Motor Cycle Club.